Bluetooth-Wifi-Rfid(Student card) polling system with mobile android

December 2018

The application I developed for Mehmet Akif Ersoy University student attendance system, I had initially only enabled attendance by bluetooth. Since the bluetooth range was not very long, sufficient efficiency could not be obtained in the lecture halls. I made sure that the wifi service, which has a slightly longer range, can be added as an option. We should have considered all the possibilities while developing the project. Since the existence of the student will not be obvious only with the phone or laptop he carries, the application still had some missing parts, so each student should have a student card of his/her own. Since Maku student cards have RFID feature, attendance can be taken if our application is to be used on a phone with NFC feature in android applications. and taking into account the possibility that the student will come to school without any of them, as an assumption, I ensured that the person who will receive the application can add the person manually at their request. To be able to take attendance here, there must be a registered course. will be able to add the registered course with the add course screen on the application opening screen, then select the course and take the attendance.