Digital Archaeological Museum

September 2018

It is aimed to bring historical places back to light by combining them with technology. Our project consists of mobile and web. After the procedures have been investigated, a museum owner can announce an excavation and add appropriate archaeologists to conduct historical research and archeology studies. Thanks to the mobile part of our application, the archaeologist will be able to instantly record the historical item he found during the excavation. and by taking the location of the place where it was recorded, it is aimed to understand whether there is a continuation of a work in later excavations. After the archaeologist takes brief information and a picture of the artifact, it will be added to the items to be taken to the museum with an RFID tag on the artifact. and in order to create a QR code in the museum, a QR is created over the RFID ID affixed to the museum owner by the archaeologist and pasted on the area where the artifact will be placed. and in this way, his works can be read not only at the beginning of the work, but also while traveling. By adding the text-to-speech feature, it will be able to listen to it aloud. On the website, it is aimed to increase the number of visitors by adding only interesting pictures and information about the museum.