Installment Program - Stock Program

September 2017

In this project I made for the course, this project I did to reinforce the Sql server and desktop programs, the customer`s information is filled in completely by taking the information of the customers, how many installments the seller wants to make in check and promissory notes transactions. When it`s time for the installment, we have enabled the customer to send e-mails 3 days before the installment through the communication ways, alternatively, it can be sent by phone number, but if they are to be sent in the name of the company, various documents are required. The owner of the business will be able to easily track the number of incoming goods by entering the system. We aimed to solve the problem of out of stock by giving a warning in case of product shortage. In addition, it will be possible to view which cashier the product sold to the customers was sold, so that if there is a bonus event, it will be able to observe it thanks to our project. Besides, all sales have been recorded so that customers will receive special discount campaigns and notifications if they are permanent. By displaying daily, weekly, monthly and annual turnovers, it will be possible to increase the turnover by making the future plans accordingly and by making discounts or campaigns in accordance with the sales in which month is convenient. You can access the project details from the link.