Learning English with memory techniques

March 2017

I had concerns about English because I did not study preparation. Due to these concerns, I would have to learn English in order to be able to do more detailed research in the field of software, so I started to work intensively from different sources. While I was doing research, I saw the English learning book with memory techniques and after I bought it, I studied it regularly and expanded my vocabulary. I developed a desktop program that records the memory technique of the words I memorized during the day every evening in order to return to the words I learned. Since the pronunciation of English words is important here, I added the text-to-speech feature to my project. and after adding the words, I was able to search the words in the database for the word I wanted and to make a mini contest for myself. In this way, random words come from the registered words. Whether the word is right or wrong, I also made him pronounce it after I answered it. You can access the details of the project from the link.