Mobile and web-based location-based registration of new plant and bird species and genetic algorithm-based routing on digital maps for ecotourism

September 2019

In the project I did as an undergraduate thesis; A system has been developed that keeps track of the discovery and inventory of plant and bird species. The system will be able to record the plant and bird species observed by the users in the system with the android mobile application and it will be possible to enter information about the species, natural conditions or if there are negative factors, it can be shared on the system. By using GPS precise location services, the fauna of the discovered species was recorded and information was obtained, and the user was provided with the opportunity to share the species he observed on a platform where other bird and plant observers could also see it. however, in order to ensure that the shared information is reliable, the type sent will be approved by the relevant people before allowing everyone to access it, and then it will be shared in a way that everyone can see. Information about the types shared by the users will be obtained from the mobile and the website to be created. Then, when it is desired to observe the registered species via the Application, the closest route will be offered as a suggestion by using the genetic algorithm over the species to be selected. In addition, the users will be provided with suggestions such as nature places and accommodation places in the close vicinity, and it will be possible to discover the most species with the least cost. With the increase in visitors in places to visit here, a vitality will be provided as ecotourism. Our project is coded using Java in the mobile application part and codeigniter framework on the website. restful services are preferred for convenience in data flow.