Mobile Supported Optimum Travel Planning Software - Tübitak 2242 Project

February 2019

An android-based mobile application has been developed that allows us to easily create our personal travel plan with the help of a mobile mobile phone. In the developed application, users can see whether the places they want to go on the Google map are related to each other, obtain information about the place to be visited, and create a personal travel route after the information is obtained. Calculation of the shortest route for preferred places is carried out with the genetic algorithm, and the optimum travel route of the preferred places is created with the help of mapbox maps and displayed visually on the map. Accommodation and food places close to the created places are visualized on the map in relation to the route. In our project, by giving communication and scoring information about the food-accommodation places, the user`s dining-accommodation places are suggested to the user.

In our project, people can be informed about tourism places with a mobile application, as well as time-spend savings by presenting the shortest route, and cost savings can be achieved by providing information about food and beverage and accommodation places on the relevant route. For the test of our project, historical places belonging to Burdur province were discussed. The shortest tour calculation process can be made into a parametric function and can be used dynamically for different routes when desired.