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About me

Rifai KUÇİ – Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Computer Engineer I graduated from Istanbul Anatolian Imam Hatip High School in 2015. In 2016, I was entitled to enter Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, department of computer engineering, with the highest score. In addition to my achievements in my courses for 4 years, in various projects; I did project leadership. I have worked on programming languages ​​such as C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript. Thanks to the programming languages ​​I have learned, the time to switch between languages ​​or learn a new language takes a very short time. In 2019, I was awarded the 2nd place in the smart cities and transportation category in the TÜBİTAK 2242 university students research project. I participated in the competition to be held in 2020 with 4 projects. I tried to mentor my friends in 3 other projects in which I participated in 1 (team name: Engineer on the Road) and I also voluntarily advised my friends to participate in the projects in the field of reporting, apart from the projects I participated in. My projects are in the preliminary evaluation stage. I aim to be confident in our projects and take my place at our stand at TEKNOFEST, which will take place in September, by getting a degree from the region. In the Burdur youth center knowledge competition held in 2020, we were entitled to be the first in the province with the name Heysem 15. I stayed in Burdur Fereli Sinan Efendi KYK dormitory for 4 years. Our citizens who came to our country as guests with the COVID-19 virus, which appeared in the 4th year, were also hosted in our country. With the Smart dormitory system I developed, I made it possible for guests to make all their requests and announcements without leaving their rooms through the application I developed. Thus, it provided a great benefit in passing the quarantine period efficiently. By sharing my projects on GitHub, I control the version controls and try to ensure that my projects are sustainable in this way.


Software Developer - FinasTech
September 2020 - Present

Used technologies:

React.js, React-Native, Next.js,  Node.js, Java, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle, NoSql, PostgreSql, MongoDb, Solr, Jenkins.

A company that develops Financial Software.

July 2019 - October 2019

During the internship period

Software department: Project-based studies were carried out using vuejs, springboot, hibernate, postgresql and restful services.

Business analyst: Information was obtained about the development process of the projects, analysis tools, and ideas that make it easy to create diagrams. The testing process of the projects has been tested with the help of Selenium.


Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University - Master`s Degree
October 2020 - Present
Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University - Bachelor
September 2016 - June 2020
Fatih Istanbul Imam Hatip High School
September 2011 - June 2015
Iskenderpasa Primary School
September 2003 - June 2011


FinAnsTech Website

It is the website prepared for the Financial Technology company. site: https://finastech.com/


Sena Aluminum

It is a staff that controls the entire system of Sena Aluminum`s company, a management panel that analyzes production and keeps records.


Egomoilya Website

The website I have prepared for the Ego Furniture company includes features such as sharing and categorizing related products, asking prices as a virtual basket of incoming users or sharing them with friends.In the admin panel, a system was written for the branches. We provide opportunities such as...



It is a product that I put into practice for my own site during this period when I am trying to learn HTML-CSS-Javascript and bootstrap. Here you can have more information about my projects, articles and me. I always try to keep it updated. You can click on the link to visit my personal page.


Inventory tracking program and document conversion with React native

In my application with React native, while bringing goods from one place to another in textile companies, they were transferred to paper with a traditional recorded method. being treated sensitively, the slightest mistake can cause huge costly damages.In my work, the balls carried are instantly recorded...



The website I made with php was made with an admin panel where the company can manage its own information. Bootstrap was used for the design, some parts were used with vue.js to be effective.



Our project is a digital transformation study. KYK is a system for transferring the communication of students staying in dormitories with dormitory administrators to digital media, students will be able to make wishes and complaints via mobile and web application, share announcements to be made in dormitories,...


Alzheimer tracking real time

Beyindeki son ölüme bağlı olarak hafızada ve genel anlamda kapsamlı ürünlerden oluşan şekillendirici durum bilgileri olarak adlandırılır. kullanımda kullanım şekliyle yakınlaşabilecekleri, kullanım şekliyle ilgili kullanımlar hakkında bilgi sahibi olmak, kullanım şekliyle ilgili...


Mobile and web-based location-based registration of new plant and bird species and genetic algorithm-based routing on digital maps for ecotourism

In the project I did as an undergraduate thesis; A system has been developed that keeps track of the discovery and inventory of plant and bird species. The system will be able to record the plant and bird species observed by the users in the system with the android mobile application and it will be possible...


Digital Archaeological Museum

It is aimed to bring historical places back to light by combining them with technology. Our project consists of mobile and web. After the procedures have been investigated, a museum owner can announce an excavation and add appropriate archaeologists to conduct historical research and archeology studies....


Bluetooth-Wifi-Rfid(Student card) polling system with mobile android

The application I developed for Mehmet Akif Ersoy University student attendance system, I had initially only enabled attendance by bluetooth. Since the bluetooth range was not very long, sufficient efficiency could not be obtained in the lecture halls. I made sure that the wifi service, which has a slightly...


Mobile Supported Optimum Travel Planning Software - Tübitak 2242 Project

An android-based mobile application has been developed that allows us to easily create our personal travel plan with the help of a mobile mobile phone. In the developed application, users can see whether the places they want to go on the Google map are related to each other, obtain information about...


Burdur Travel Guide

When I learned mobile android, I wanted to reinforce this with a project and I wanted the project to contribute to the province where I was studying. There are many ancient cities, caravanserais, mounds and lakes in the city of Burdur. but they do not get enough attention. By making this an android application,...


Installment Program - Stock Program

In this project I made for the course, this project I did to reinforce the Sql server and desktop programs, the customer`s information is filled in completely by taking the information of the customers, how many installments the seller wants to make in check and promissory notes transactions. When it`s...


My Library Desktop

I love to read books, and besides, I have a special interest in statistics. I wanted to do this in a special way for myself with the first steps I took with desktop programs to databases. It is a desktop project where I can see the list of books I have read, how many books I have read from which publisher,...


Learning English with memory techniques

I had concerns about English because I did not study preparation. Due to these concerns, I would have to learn English in order to be able to do more detailed research in the field of software, so I started to work intensively from different sources. While I was doing research, I saw the English learning...